I made a split out of my swarming hive, and left two swarm cells for them to requeen themselves.

Lately, they have been massing on the front of the hive. it has been in the mid-nineties here, but I keep thinking they might just be waiting for a new queen so they can swarm.

Neither the hive with the original swarm, nor the hive with the split are massing on the hives like that.

But I was also thinking all the nurse bees have nothing to do now that there is no young brood. Could it be the unemployed are staying outside of the hive in the heat of the day?

I really don't want to make another split because I don't feel ready for another hive. I am thinking about putting a super on the hive, but one person told me a new queen is flighty, and I should not disturb the requeening hive until the new queen has hatched, made her mating flight, and settled in.

So, should I leave them alone and super in a couple of weeks? Should I leave the bottom nailed on my super, which is out in the bee yard as an emergency hive right now, and hope the bees will go to it if they swarm?

I'm leaning toward thinking the unemployed bees are out on the hive to keep cool, until the new queen is hatched, mated, and making brood.

What do others think?