Well, for anyone following my drama, there was enough of a break in the rain today to split my swarming hive, (they tried to swarm again yesterday, but the new queen is clipped, and I found her and popped her back in the hive).

I moved about five bars of brood and honey, (and bees), into the emergency nuc. (Which has 17 bars). I also found the queen and moved her to the new hive.

There were swarm cells -- I thought I had pinched them all out before I requeened after the last swarm. I tried to move only comb without queen cells, but there was one comb that had them, and I removed what I saw.

I left some of the queen cells in the original hive so they could requeen themselves. They seem hell-bent on doing so.

The nuc is not the same shape as my hives because I originally thought I could use it as a super, but Michael convinced me to make a split. So tonight, I will build a new hive and move the bees from the nuc tomorrow morning before they have too much of a chance to change the shape of the combs. Then, I hope they will stay, and none of the other hives will swarm.

The second hive -- from the first swarm -- is doing beautifully. In a week, they have begun drawing comb on 17 bars, and all the comb is straight, and there is brood, and all is right with the world.

Is there anything else I should do -- besides get some sleep?

It seems that this year I'm raising bees rather than honey. I have yet to see a capped comb of honey in all this, though I did harvest one bar that was mostly capped. Three hives of bees from a three pound package in a little over two months? Is that normal?

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