Hello all, my first post. Been lurking heavily for a few weeks. Thanks for all the great info.. I've got some questions about starting up my Kenyan TBH, along with some basic bee questions that I'll ask here on this forum (seems the top bar guys know more about bees anyway )
A feral swarm built a hive about 4 weeks ago in an underground cavity, and I plan on taking those to transfer to my KTBH Saturday. What I want to know is, does the following sound like a good plan-
Around sunset, vaccuum out as many bees as I can get. Smoke the rest, open the hive and vaccuum the remaining bees. Remove comb and wire into "swarm ketching frames" and place in center of KTBH (positions 3 + 4). Any scrap comb- place in bottom of KTBH, along with a shallow dish of honey water. Follower board limits hive to (6) 1 1/4" bars and (3) 1 1/2" bars (in rear of hive). Reduce entrance (exit) by 75%. Place vaccuum box on top of KTBH so that bees can move down into new home. Pray.
Any suggestions on the above? Anything I might be missing as a newbee? Thank you,
Randy Davis