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Thread: laying workers?

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    I am a new beekeeper using the top bar hive method. I successfully brought home two swarms in early May. They were both healthy and began making beautiful white comb immediately. One swarm was quite large and the comb filled the area and was so covered with bees you could hardly see it. The other was a smaller swarm and the comb was only half the area but still covered with bees. This went on for 4-6 weeks and then I noticed much less activity around both hives. When I looked it seemed like there were only half as many bees or less in both hives and there were a lot of drone brood cells sticking up scattered about. There are a still many worker bees but something seems wrong. Does this mean that both hives are "laying worker hives" and how could this happen? I collected both swarms in the wild. Is it possible to take the combs some distance away and brush off all the bees then put the combs back in the hive and introduce a new queen to each hive? any suggestions or ideas welcome...

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    Are there no worker brood cells??? A few scattered drone cells is quite normal.
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