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    I've been looking at some jars on Dadant's website for honey and I like the hex glass jars. They come in 3 sizes - 13.5 oz, 9.5 oz, and 5.5 oz. Does anyone know how much honey these will hold? would the 13.5 oz jar, which I assume is liquid volume, hold 16 oz. of honey by weight? Any clues from the pros? I would love to get a hold of some hex jars with black lids if anyone knows of a source. I haven't been able to find any for sale, but I've seen them in stores so there must be a source somewhere!?!?!?! Thanks in advance.

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    Try posting this in "Everything honey" instead of the "Top Bar Hive" forum. You will probably get a better response.
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    Thanks Michael, I posted it here before thinking. I'll do that.


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