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    Seems like each day a new chunk of comb has fallen off a top bar. It's really hot here (90's) and the hive gets late afternoon sun. Could the combs be melting off the bars? Any other ideas?

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    What are your dimensions? Do you have a cover over the bars with air space between? Screen bottom or ventilation holes in the body might help if it is the heat.

    Deep bodies lead to heavy combs, especially full of honey.

    Mine are in mostly shade as summers get hot here some. One is 12 inches deep plus with maybe six one-inch holes for entrances/ventilation, up high and down low. They didn't propolize anything closed.

    Another has a screen bottom, but has only been recently populated. Time will tell on that one.

    I turn the end bars upside-down so the comb guides support a piece of plywood leaving free-flowing air between it and the tops of the bars, keeping any direct sun off. Bricks help to keep it there when the wind comes up.

    So far this has worked. Maybe over-kill, but i haven't had any heat-related failures- only operator error ones. [img]redface.gif[/img]

    That is why i made "swarm trapping" frames that fit -and have used them.

    Hope some of this helps-j
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    If they aren't in the shade, put some styrofoam on top or prop the lid up with a one by at each end to let the breeze through so the top bars don't get too hot. Don't open them up on a hot day. Remove the combs that fell. New comb full of honey is usually the problem.
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    Hi Cityboy,

    Use a couple of wooden blocks and prop the cover up so that there is air space and flow above the top bars.

    Then check out the hot weather precautions at:

    They are important for a new tbh beekeeper with a tbh with new comb.

    Since propping up the lid on my tbh during hot weather, I haven't had any comb failure. And I've got huge combs compared to most tbhs. Mine are about 22" long and 16" high. And my hives have solid bottoms.


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