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    I have learned a ton from reading everyone's posts over the last few months and I am ready to dive into top bar beekeeping myself.

    I have two Langstroth hives and I have built two Top Bar Hives. I would like to take splits off my Langstroth hives to start my Top Bar Hives. Here are my questions:

    1. Is it best to move the queen to the new hive and let the old hive raise a new queen or the other way around or is either way just as good?

    2. If there are no queen cells already present will the hive without a queen be able to raise a new one.

    Thanks in advance

    D Skalla

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    My advice is to move the queen to the new hive, and leave the old hive in the old location. The new hive thus has a laying queen to get things gonig and the old hive has the field force to keep things going while a queen is being raised. Its a simple division of labor that just about creates equality between the boxes. And especially since you are changing hardware, its harder to move brood to the new hive. So just give the new hive the queen. You can increase the chances of new hive acceptence by shaking a package out first, and letting them stay in the package along with their queen over night. ALternatively you can take a "nuc" and hang that nuc out in the open (in the shade), so the bees are clustered like a swarm. Then in the afternoon at last light you can shake that free hanging nuc into the new hive along with the queen and put the brood back in the old hive.
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