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    I've heard a LOT of great things about Ruby's beekeeping class, and she always gets a lot of people 'started' in beekeeping, since the class lets you take hives home. Highly recommended by everyone I know who's attended!


    OFFERED NEXT - March 25-26, 2006
    LOCATION - Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, California

    The Program
    This two-day intensive workshop will introduce you to honey bees and basic beekeeping
    using the Kenyan Top Bar Hive (KTBH). The KTBH is a low-input hive system originally
    developed by the Peace Corps for use in African cottage industries and is well suited for
    small scale beekeeping. A KTBH will be on-site for hands-on learning of hive maintenance.
    Each participant who wishes will have the opportunity to build a hive for themselves. If you
    plan to build a box to take home, include an extra $60 for supplies. (we need to know the
    number of boxes that will be built by March 17th!)

    Topics covered in the workshop will include:
    ~ European Honey Bee life cycles, social structure, anatomy and biology
    ~ Beekeeping equipment list and equipment construction
    ~ KTBH vs Langstroth (traditional) System, Pros & Cons
    ~ Overview of hive management strategies using the top bar hive
    ~ Honey Extraction using top bar system
    ~ Resources (getting equipment, information, help)

    Time allowing we will also learn a bit about native or solitary bees, pollination ecology and
    how to create bee habitat in your garden.

    K.Ruby is a permaculture designer, beekeeper, teacher, gardener, activist and artist. She
    has been keeping bees in the urban Bay Area for about five years.

    What To Bring
    If you want to take part in examining the hive, you must wear clothing that will protect you
    from being stung:
    ~ Light colored long sleeve shirt & long pants
    ~ Shoes or boots that cover the ankles
    ~ Leather work gloves
    ~ Mosquito hat or other net hat A limited number of bee hats and gloves will be available
    to share.
    If you have extras please bring them.

    Course Fees
    The fee for the two-day workshop is $150, plus $60 per hive you take home.

    How To Register
    Space is limited so please register early. Visit or call 415-868 9681.
    urban top bar hives in Oakland and Berkeley, CA...

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    Hi girl Mark,

    I'm living in the wrong state!

    Thanks for the info.

    the BWrangler and BNews guy


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