I've been doing a lot of reading about TBH's of all sorts and about long body hives as well. And, thanks to Michael Bush's information and encouragement, I've built a long body hive that accepts deep Lang frames (don't use foundation in them). By the way Michael, I have the girls moved in and they seem to be doing fine! I am now seriously considering building a square TBH and have a question.

It seems that in a long body hive, the idea is to allow for just a shade over the size of a double Lang hive body. In the TBH's, it seems the idea is to allow for about the same as 2 Lang hive bodies plus some honey storage.

My question is this. Is there a particular reason for these sizes. I realize that smaller sizes can cause problems by not allowing the bees to have enough room to raise brood and have enough for winter stores. But, is there any reason that a hive shouldn't be bigger?

I guess what I am getting at is if you were to build a hive that was.... say twice as big, would the girls simply enlarge their colony to "fit" the hive? Or would they only increase the amount of food stores?

If they would increase their population to the size of the hive, it just seemed to make sense to me to allow them to do this and thereby have a larger work force to collect more honey (for human consumption) during the nectar flows.

Just my thoughts! I'd like to hear yours. But, please remember that I'm still relatively new to keeping bees.