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    I understand that a top bar hive is not going to produce as much honey as a Lang, all else being equal. However, I'm curious how top bar hives would perform in producing what has become the most valuable bee product, more bees. Specifically, could you profitably produce queens and packages from top bar hives, and if so, how would you go about it?


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    Sure. I have long hives I use for queen rearing. Finding the queen and caging her in the queen box and releasing her are much less work without lifting boxes. Queen rearing would e just as easy in the top bar hive. Splits could be easily done from my top bar hive that has standard length bars (19") if you used standard nucs. The harder thing is doing package bees in a Northern climate. The bees haven't really built up much by the time that people want a pacakge. A nuc, at lest, you can sell with the brood and the nurse bees. If you shake bees into package, who will take care of the brood?

    Nucs make more sense and since most peopel don't want top bar combs, it would seem better to use standard frames of some kind.
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