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    I have not ever fed pollen substitute to my TBH in January. From what I am reading through some of the posts here, early buildup and larger bee populations for our flow (Apr. 15 to June 15) could be achieved by early pollen feeding in mid to late January.

    Bees are still clustered here during that time with 3 or four days that bees may break cluster during the month.

    When feeding pollen to langs, it is suggested that you pace patties directly over the center of the cluster and on the top bars.

    Of course you can't do this in a TBH. If any of you feed pollen or substitute early where do you locate the patty?

    Thanks for your help.


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    I haven't tried it except on the long medium top bar hive. What I did was pry the bars apart to create a gap directly over the cluster (which I found by feeling the heat of the top bars over it) peeled the paper off of a section on the bottom of the patty and put this exposed portion over the gap. But the medium top bar hive has a 3/8" beespace between the top of the bars and the lid. (3/8" thick bars in a 3/4" rabbet) This wouldn't work on my KTBH which does not have that beespace since the bars set on top of the sides instead of down inside them. If you don't have a beespace there, maybe you could pry the bars apart a little and suspend id down between the combs, but this seems like it would break the cluster up. I also open feed pollen dry in an hive body with a solid bottom board. On any warm day it's full of bees rolling in the pollen. If I'm short on pollen I try to mix real pollen half and half with substitute. Maybe you could just dump some dry at one end of the hive or even down between the bars in the cluster and on warm days maybe they'd find it.
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