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    Has anyone tried taking a 5 frame nuc box and adding a TBH tapered hive to the side of it and and letting the bees move from the nuc into the TBH and then swapping the the bees and tbh comb to a regular tbh hive ? I built a TBH late this year but didnt have any swarms or bees to put into it ( it was too late to start a hive ).I am thinking this spring when I do nuc`s trying to convert one of them to a TBH .I will also put up some tapered TBH swarm boxes . I would like some TBH`s for cut comb. Comments welcome...Thanks Rick
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    How about building the TBH with square sides and standard dimensions so you can just add the frames to it? Or put the five frames in a ten frame box with just top bars for the second half. Then cut the comb (and the top bars?) to fit the new hive when you transfer.
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