I was just wondering how many full combs you guys overwinter with. Last year I went into the winter with at least 20 combs per hive (16" wide, 11" deep to 6" bottoms). All hives had russian hybrid queens. In the spring there were untouched combs in all the hives. This year I have left only around 15 per hive, I will feed if I have to but was hoping this would be enough and would leave enough room for spring manipulations. Last spring my strongest hive swarmed almost as soon as the flow started, and had brood through the whole hive. It swarmed a couple of more times, and I caught one to start a new TBH. I am hoping that by leaving less comb in I can put empty bars/ or brand new comb into the center of the brood area and keep the honey harvest area brood free.
What are you doing?