Have started rebuilding the lang stock we lost in a fire.Its a bigger task than I first thought.

I have managed to slip out a few TBHs and used some overwintering nucs to start them.They seem to be happy with the change.They were small nucs.

I caught a swarm,the biggest I have ever seen.Balled up it was several times larger than my big boof head,it was therefore BIG.I put this in a TBH and was amazed.

After four days they had drawn four combs and starting on a couple more.After two weeks they are up to ten drawn and working on some more.

One of the best sights in my beekeeping must be a fresh drawn tbar with couple day old larvae.The wax is so clean and the grubs look so white.It looks so right.

The couple of boxes I have made are based around a deep lang frame and about 1200mm long(I have spent years converting your measurements,now you can have a turn )They have straight sides
Any thoughts coming out of your honey season on your TBH dimensions ,Why you went for that size,what you would change and why.

I have an inexhaustable supply of pine(75mm x 25mm )so I can be flexible in my next lot of boxes.I am only paying for the screws.(42mm )

Thank you