I really like your ideas about "long hives"
I'm gonna build 2 that take medium frames
in looking at this picture


I have a couple of questions

1) on the right of the picture, describe what I'm seeing. it looks like the hive with either frames or topbars in it, covered by 1x8's or 1x10's. is that correct, is that all you cover it with? I'm wondering about rain leaking in

2) on the left where you have supers, how do you provide vertical movement?

My idea was to make the boxes 48" long to utilize 8' lumber. then cut down ~20 medium frames to 1-1/4" to use in the brood area. then use some regular frames to fill out the box. that way towards the back of the hive the bee's would have a "normal" vertical path into the supers.
My concern is how to make a top cover for it since during unsupered times the top needs to cover the whole box but when it's supered it only covers 2/3.
Of course using "standard" frames means you have gaps between the topbars so you gotta have some kind of decent cover.
I was thinking put the frames in the box then cover with a piece of canvas to close the gaps then some form of cover
I guess during nice weather a little rain isn't that big a deal but in winter I would think you'd want it watertight.
Maybe make a nice cover for winter and just kinda "wing it" in the summer?

Thought's, Ideas, Cunning Insights??

ps: since I got your attention, one more question
when you use regular frames, planed down to 1-1/4" in a regular lang hive, does the gap between the frames (which is smaller) provide adequate vertical movement for the bee's, or do you open that gap up to compensate for the closer frame spacing? (no big deal, just more work)