My swarm has been in the hive now for exactly two weeks. They have drawn some combs on 11 bars. I have a mixture of eggs, larvae, and what looks like capped larvae. I also have a pretty good amount of honey at the top of the bars, some of this is capped now as well. There are bands of pollen running across the combs. They seem to be doing well. I have spotted the queen making her way across the combs. So far everthing looks good!

I am going to ask a general question that I know does not have a specific answer due to weather, hive strength, nectar flow, etc, but I'll ask anyway. My hive is 28 bars 24" long X 1 3/8" wide. This is the colony's first year so I know honey production won't be up to par, but what could I expect (on average) from a hive this size? What is a general expectation of honey production? 20lbs? 50lbs? First year? Subsequent years? I would like to have some sort of idea of what is expected. Thanks for all the help!