Today I went with my son and daughter to watch splits being made from standard hives. This was put on by our local bee keeping association.

They would start with a strong hive and find 3 or 4 frames with no or very little sealed brood but lots of eggs or open brood from the brood box. Each frame was shaken or brushed clean of bees, mostly to keep from having the queen on board. They would place these in a box which was placed above the hive with a queen excluder. The idea being that the nurse bees would rush up to take care of the brood. This box than would after 24 hours be taken to another location and then given a queen the following day.

I was wondering if this could be used in a TBH using the honey barrier as a queen exluder? It seems like an ideal way to get a good start for a hive without worrying about finding the queen on each topbars comb.