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    I have just built my first TBH and have some general questions. I caught a wild swarm and put them in the hive along with two limbs from the bush they were on. They have been in the hive one day now and are still hanging around on the twigs. They've built a small section of comb maybe 2 inches long on one of the bars. When I just checked them, they were still on the branches, the bottom and sides of the hive, but very few were on the bars or on the new comb. Is this normal? Do I need to remove the branches before they will really get to work? I'm worried about them leaving on me like my last swarm, are there warning signs before they abscond? Do they cluster on the outside of the hive before leaving? I don't want to lose another swarm. I appreciate all the help that I've gathered from all of you and am looking forward to my new beekeeping experience! Thanks!

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    Well, I'm new too and my notions aren't from experience ... just what I've been reading here.
    Here are some ideas - shake them off the branches and into the hive at twilight. Then hide the branches where they can't get to them or smell them. Make sure that you have 1:1 sugar syrup available to them w/ some kind of feeding mechanism (see the section on spring feedin on this forum) and you might consider putting a goodly wad of green grass in their entrance so that they can breath and ventilate but go out too easily - as it dries in 3 days or so then they will be more at home and likely won't leave. And, don't check in on them until about 3-4 days. If you disturb a swarm they will not like it.
    OK, you folks who've been at this - add your 2 cents.
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    Shake them off the branch hopefully your bars have some kind of wax brushed on or a kerf cut in them with wax melted in it. Reduce your entrance down to the width of a bee or two and add a feeder inside on the bottom (not suspended from the bars). A plastic bottle with small holes in the bottom portion set on a plastic plate works great. Make sure the holes do not come above the rim of the plate or it will overflow! Add a follower board so the space seems cozy about 8 to 10 bars depending on the size of the swarm, leave them alone for a week or so then check in the mean time resist the urge to open it and pray!
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