First let me say that I have enjoyed browsing this site for the past several days and found the information to be amazing. I am new to beekeeping, although vaguely familiar with some of it due to my curiousity and hope to get involved with it. Anyway, I captured a swarm, installed it in a Lang style hive. They stuck around for 2 days then left. I haven't found them. In the process, I built a TBH (had a blast building it). Now I have a TBH with no bees, I hope to get another swarm for it. My question is simply this: I don't like brood in my honey (my wife probably won't eat it if she knows there was brood in it) so does a TBH need an excluder? If an excluder will help, what size grid would I need? Could I use thin Plywood and build an excluder like a follower board? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!