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    First let me say that this is my first year (and attempt) at beekeeping. Last fall a colony of bees decided to take up residence under a porch room. Since I had easy access to it (and instead of killing the bees), I decided to try to save them by keeping them. I found the instructions for building a Kenyan TBH, and proceeded to build. By the time the weekend got around to coming, I went to the area of the bees and found out that they didnt like their accomodations and moved off somewhere. That being said I now have a TBH already built. Earlier last month I ordered a Langstroth beginners hive and equipment from a company, turns out that they are on backorder and will probably be delivered in about 2 weeks, the biggest problem is that my new 3# package of bees should be here this week so I might need to introduce them into the TBH, are there any special instructions for this (there is no foundation attached to the TB's however, I did router out a small 1/4" channel down the middle of each TB and filled it with beeswax (I read that this gives the bees the right idea of what to do in the hive)
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Hi Joe

    Here is a thread you can follow which should give you some insight into putting a package into a tbh.



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