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    Hello all, I am a beginner looking for any advice on TBH beekeeping in a city environment. I have a fairly large private yard and should not have any problems with neighbors My hive will be located on the back porch so the flight path will be high to begin with. I am a bit worried about swarming though. That might get folks upset. Any other citybees out there?

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    TBH or regular hive. The issues are the same. Sooner or later they will swarm. Swarms aren't agressive so I don't see that as a BIG issue. But, of course, any beekeeper wants to avoid it in order to get a crop of honey.
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    The general public on the other hand is afraid of swarms, that fear causes the bulk of most of my swarm retrieval calls. Doesn't matter how much I explain the bees will probably leave on their on, they still want to pay to have them gone NOW.

    Just keep your immediate neighbors informed regardless of how you do it. Some take to it well, others need to bee eased into it, "Oh you didn't know I had bees? They've been there since _____." I show some people pictures of my 7 year old holding up a comb of bees barehanded wearing shorts and t-shirt and people generally calm down after that.
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