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    Hey guys,

    This spring I built myself a straight sided TBH - I basically have it designed so the front 1/3 takes standard deep frames, and then the back half has the the top-bars that I have attached a small bit of pierco dipped in beeswax.

    My question is - are there any particular recommendations for overwintering such a hive?
    I am in CT, and we do get prolonged cold spells.
    Do I simply leave in 15 frames of honey?

    What are some suggestions on how to successfully overwinter this one. It's the first TBH I have ever worked with.


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    I have overwintered several long hives, two of them were TBH. I just leave them enough stores and it's helpful if the cluster is at one end so they don't work their way from the middle to one end and not get to the stores back at the other end. If they start at one end they just work their way across. If the cluster was in the middle going into winter, I might move the stores at one end to the other so the cluster gets moved to the front or back. So far it hasn't been a problem because they tend to start out with the cluster at the front and work their way back. I did put some styrofoam on top of them this year. I just cut it and put it on the top and then put the bricks on top of that.
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