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    Howdy folks-

    First of many questions, I'm sure. I've gained lots of info here already, but I need some things cleared up...

    I installed three packages Monday night, and since I could not get in touch with my friend (who motivated me to get into bees) when I installed the packages, I simply put the hives in a convenient place to move later, and did a fairly good job of "winging' the installation (tee shirt, shorts, and flip-flops were probably not a good idea, but it was late and I did not want to risk another day in the packages...).

    Well, the convenient place is right next to the patio, and my wife is freaking out. Now, I have learned of the 'two feet or two miles' rule of thumb. I'm not looking forward to inching these TBHs around the back yard...

    I have read that I can move the hives in the late evening and put a 'branch' in front of the entrance so that the next morning, the bees will have to 'find' their way out of the hive and subsequently re-orient themselves. I plan on moving these hives only 40 to 50 feet, tops.

    So, my question to anyone who knows is: How big of a branch are we talking about? A twig the size of a chopstick? The neighbor's shrubs? Do I need a chainsaw?

    Also, should I move one hive in one evening, or move all three at once?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Just something thick enough (as in enough branches and/or leaves) to force the foragers leaving to see it. This will trigger them to reorient.

    I would move one hive a day, but if you really have to you can move them all at once. But that will be a log of confused bees reorienting all at once. The stragglers that return to the old location will spiral out until they find the new location. But there always seem to be a few dense ones that don't get it, so it's nice to have an empty box to leave at the old location and then move it after dark (after closing it up) to the new location too and put a branch in front of it also.

    By the second day they will know where the new hive is.
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