TBH Folks:

This is my first year with TB hives and I will admit I am hooked after only 2 weeks.

My company is a furniture manufacturer here in NC and we run current CNC technology for all of our wood parts. CNC routers, saws etc.

I hand ripped my 32mm top bars from 4/4 red oak this year. Next year I plan on running them on a moulder. I'll run in 6' or 8' lengths, one pass and they're done. If you would be interested in buying some of these (4/4 oak), I'll price them and we will go from there. Sure took me a long time to hand rip and bevel 120 bars this year.

I am also going to set up a program on the CNC to build hive parts -- sides, bottom, back, and front. Dovetail construction, all from shop scrap, 3/4" or 1" plywood.

If we could arrive at a common size, I think they would be pretty cheap.

Are you interested?