Hello Ladies and Gents-
Glad to be a new member to this forum and appreciate the constructive discussions that take place here. This season will be my maiden voyage in beekeeping. My original interest was spawned by poor pollination in my 1/4 acre vegetable garden and has grown from there.

Anyway I thought you all may be interested in some photos of the top bar hive I'm constructing. http://tinyurl.com/6xp4w
It's not finished yet but you can get the idea. Simplicity of construction, low cost and easy of handling are the main reasons I chose a TBH. The hive body is 48" long and will hold 32, 1-1/2" bars. The body itself is constructed of the plastic cardboard material called Corroplast, actually I recycled a bunch of old campaign signs made of the material. I've found all sorts of uses for the stuff. The hive body is almost 12" deep and 1'-4" wide with 22.5 deg sides. I plan on installing a removable grid towards the bottom to limit comb depth to 9" and provide an open area for the bees.

At this point I'm still trying to come up with a reliable feeder design that will allow for adding syrup without removing any bars. I'm trying to figure out how to use an air pressure principal based feeder, similar to jar feeder or entrance feeder that will replace a top bar.

I've got 3lbs of Cordovan Italians ordered from Buckeye Bee in Ohio so I need to get this project finished up to be ready.

Any feedback offered will be appreciated.