At the end of my first year of beekeeping I thought it appropriate to think about what I have learned from by Top Bar Hives.

I think the biggest thing I have learned is an appreciation for those beekeepers, dreamers and experimenters who have gone before us.

It is truly amazing to me how many times I come back to the conclusion that the basic Langstroth hive solves the problem I am dealing with. I am not considering abandoning my TBH's or recommending that others do the same. Rather I suggest that our experimentations give us a greater comprehension of our guest, the honey bee, and the work and thought which others have contributed to make beekeeping a successful endeavor.

So I propose a toast (of tea with honey) to those dreamers, experimenters, and doers who have gone before us and upon whose shoulders we stand!

Cheers to all and best wishes for a happy and sweet new year!