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    I've been reading others' comments about selecting for bees that draw the best comb, especially among Small Cell Beekeepers, but I'm sure it was a concern throughout the recent decades as mangament techniques changed: select bees most adapted to the new techniques. I'm not suggesting that TBH construction is a "new technique." What I'm wondering is this: since some TBH keepers deal with a lot of side-bracing, and others hardly ever see it, could this be a "trait" among the bees as much as it is a factor of hive design?

    On that same line, what other factors possibly influence side-bracing? Hive temperature (where some bees, sensing a threat of sagging comb, increase bracing)?

    And the big question: Since TBH's are more common in countries such as Kenya, what are their issues with TBH's and how do they deal with those issues?


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    I've certainly seen bees that were not willing to draw nice even spaced comb and built a lot of wild comb all over on occasion. I'm sure these would do even worse in a TBH than in a conventional hive, but they don't do well in any hive.

    Luckily they seem to be the exception rather than the rule.


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