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    Do they use plywood or solid hard woods?
    I am also looking for a good set of plans for a top bar hive with a pitched roof.

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    You can build a TBH from whatever scraps you have around. My KTBH (Kenya style Top Bar Hive aka slope sided Top Bar Hive) is just square cut 1 by 12's cut to length with no bevel and no ripping. Two 15" long and two 48" long works fine, but you could make it a shade shorter so a 48" peice of wood would make a lid better. I cut the top bars out of one bys also. I made half of them 1 1/4" wide and the other half 1 1/2" wide.

    Here's my web site with pictures of putting mine together:

    Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures.

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    Hi Michael,

    I've enjoyed the pictures at your site. Think I will have to get my screw driver and punch a few holes into a tin can with maybe a couple of sheet metal screws to hold it in place.

    Patrick, the best set of plans are the ones you make for yourself. It's not hard and very rewarding to do. Almost every tbh beekeeper considers his hive as the best. And it is, for his needs.

    Look back in the archives here. About half a dozen guys have sites with lots of pictures and some with plans.

    Mine are at:

    I like to use boards rather than plywood.It's just easier to handle and fasten together.

    Some very beautiful and functional hives are built from plywood. You'll notice that some tbh beekeepers reinforce the plywood with lumber on the top bar rests and at other wear points.

    I will be moving to Florida one of these days and am contemplating a concrete top bar hive! I'm sketching the plans for a two part form now.

    Not claiming mine are the best for anyone other than for me :> )

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