I don't see any screen bottoms on any the photos posted by the various participants of this board or the weblinks I can easily find from you guys.

Does no one incorporate a screen bottom in their design so that varroa fall down and out of the colony, as we have been doing with Langstroth hive bodies for some years now?

And about wintering, do you guys reduce the interior volume of the TBH to make it easier for the bees to handle cold weather? As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I lost several colonies last winter were the winter cluster didn't move over two frames to get available food. I am assuming that was due to the extended cold weather we experienced. In each colony I found half of the honey stores I had seen in the fall still available, Wouldn't moving over to stores be a problem for Top Bar Hives, too?

Thanks for all the interesting discussions. This really seems like more what I would like to be doing with my own bees.