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    Any TBH beekeepers have their colonies in fields where goats or sheep (or cattle) graze? I have had Langstroth hives in a field where there were sheep for four years, but I never had a hive knocked over by a sheep. The beeyard was at the edge of a woods, so there wasn't a lot of plant growth in the immediate area next to the hive bodies that the sheep might come up to.

    However, another beekeeper told me he had had several hives knocked over by goats and sheep when the farmer whom he 'rents' space from let the stock into the field without checking with him about it.

    Looking at the way the TBH's are built, the weight is higer off the ground than a typical Lang box set. True, the legs are farther apart, I guess, which would be more stable and less likely to tip over.

    I know there is a gracious plenty of sheep in Wyoming. Any problems with livestock knocking your TBH over?

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    I had goats around my hives and had to move them. The goats love to jump on the hive and play around them to much. never had on knocked over(these were lang style hives).

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    I don't have sheep or goats, but I have to fence the hives off from the horses. They knock them over all the time if I don't.

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    Hi Guys,

    I've never had sheep bother my hives. Only a few problems with horses and they learn fast and generally leave them alone after the first time.

    Cattle like to scratch and do the most damage. Bulls like to the adventure of knocking hives over.

    Just a thought here. Are you tbhs painted white and have legs? Could there be some form of territorial rivalery going on? :> ))))

    Who was afraid to put my bees in a tbh with legs, thinking it might get bagged during hunting season. ;> )

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