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Thread: Clustering ?

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    The last couple of days I've noticed the bees have been moving out onto the landing board. The last few days the temps have been the hottest of the year. This evening the whole landing board and half of the end board was covered and I didn't see but just a couple come in from foraging. I haven't been into it in a couple of weeks but looking through the window (that stays covered) I don't see any queen cells or I would be worried about swarmming.
    The only opening is the entrance across the bottom of the end board. I wonder if I should remove a bar at the other end so they can ventilate better? The foragers are having a time getting back in the hive. This would also give another access.

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    Hi Joe,

    I've seen the same thing on my tbhs this last week. The temps are close to 100 degrees and the bees are moving outside to stay cool.

    A couple of days ago, I decided to open up my alternate entrance at the other end of the hive. That seemed to help. The bees are all back inside.

    My hives are in full sun for the entire day. But I have raised the cover above the top bars with a couple blocks of wood.

    Maybe your bees need a little more ventilation. Try raising the cover or removing a spacer/top bar to provide a vent space at the rear of the hive.

    I haven't had any problem with collapsed combs so far this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :> ) and keeping out of my hives during the hot weather.


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