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    My top bar hive is 31 bars long, each bar being 17inches wide. This hive got off to a horrable start, but I think they are doing well now. The queen is laying a lot, comb is still being built, but they are building on 6 top bars all to one side of the hive. Should I turn some bars end for end or just let it alone? Another question is I think the number of bees in this hive is too small to get thru winter. Anything I can be doing to help increase bee numbers?

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    are you feeding them sugar syrup?

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    Do not change the orientation of the bars. You will only create more work for them.
    If the hive was strong I would say to make corrections. In a week state make sure there are no other problems and continue to feed. I just had the same problem this is what I did and they are building again and the activity at the entrance has increased


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