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    I hived a swarm in a TBH. They started drawing good comb and the queen is laying. The nectar is in abundance right now. The swarm was huge and due to some other factors I wound up with two extra queens. I took another TBH placed it in place of the original swarm TBH with two bars of bees from the original swarm. I also placed a new queen in there in a candy release cage. All of the field bees just flew right in. The original TBH is next to the new one only I switched it around so the entrance faces the opposite direction. There's honey, pollen and fresh uncapped brood in the original TBH. I have 1:1 syrup at the entrance of both hives and plan to keep feeding so they get strong (although this appears to be one of the best nectar years around here).
    I hope it works.
    I still have to place the second queen. 0_0

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    Hi Ox,

    How did things work out?



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