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    RECAP; May 5 put three pound package of bees in my top bar hive. I think all is well, except not very many bees left. I checked the hive this morning, have three bars with comb, very straight on the bar. Comb about the size of baseball with some capped cells and some cells that look darker. I am still feeding sugar water with HBH in it. Have checked for mites and seem to be o.k. Is there anything I can do to help this limited number of bees to rebuild quicker?

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    Make a follower board and put it in to limit the space they have to heat. I wonder why there are so few? Is there brood?

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    I used a follower for about two weeks now in the KTBH I put a small swarm into. Now that they have about 4 bars somewhat drawn out I put 7 or 8 more in to them. They seem to be doing real well, but I have noticed fewer bees than when they started. Some capped brood so all is well. Few more days and some new bees they will be fine. I would just give your hive some syrup and let them be. Look for fighting though, something might be killing them.


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