Hello everyone,
I have wanted to get a hive of bees for quite some time now but have yet to do it, 1. because my wife is scared that the kids would be attacked and killed by the bees, and 2. because its a fairly expensive hobby to get started. Then I found this site and I just cant stay out of here....I just finished my first TBH and got the paint put on there on May 6th.
Question #1: How long do I need to wait before I can put some bees in there? I put a coat of primer then three coats of external paint on the outside of the hive and did nothing to the inside. (last coat of paint was on the 6th)
Question # 2: I have put the word out that I am interested in collecting a swarm, but I am afraid that I am about too late. A friend of a friend has two trees in his yard that he wants cut down. both trees have bees in them. One of the holes about head high, the other about waist high. The large tree has had bees in there for 12 years. The small tree is a swarm from the large one. I have read about the cone method but I am about an hour and a half from the site and dont really want to drive out there any more than I have to. What is the chances of cutting the tree down and gettting the brood/bees out?