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Thread: Tops for TBH

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    just had an idea while here at work.....

    what about using scrap pieces of sheet flooring (vinyl) and glueing them to the plywoood as a top? They should last for a long time and could be had for free from floorcovering stores' dumpsters.

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    Sounds great to me. I've used a lot of sink cutouts from construction sites that had formica on them. They last pretty well and weigh enough to stay on pretty well.

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    I have used vinyl flooring for roofing of dog houses/chicken coupes ect. It does work pretty good. It does need to be nailed as the freezing weather breaks the glue bond. another key to it is do it on a cool day so that when it heats up it can expand without coming loose and when it freezes it will not draw up and break. I had plenty of scrap vinyl when I was a mobile home serviceman.
    About the painted aluminum from vinyl/aluminum siding places, It comes either painted on one side or both. It also comes painted white on one side and a different color on the back so that companies/contractors can buy one roll for 2 or more jobs with different colors(white and grey is popular). It also comes with different finishes(satin,gloss, flat). I have a few feet of this from a vinyl siding job my cousin did.

    I found a piece of painted metal siding on the side of the road big enough to cover one of my TBHs. I have several pieces that are black(roof color of that vinyl siding job) and several light grey from another of my cousins building sights that was used as siding on a garage. My tops are telescoping covers painted white with free paint from another contractor as it had started seperating(nothing a blender beater on a drill bit extention could not fix). So my TBHs are baby blue with white tops. I got the stuff to finish my top bars(wood filler so I can fill the saw kerf on the end) yesterday and hope to finish them this week and them shake a nuc into them.


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