I know the subject of this topic is an oxymoron, but bear with me. I am considering taking up the suggestion of several comments and making a foundationless frame for Brood only, and using foundations for the supers.

In this way the hive would supposedly benefit from the mite resistant characteristics of the natural comb size and I could get some honey for extraction from the supers.

I am interested in ideas or comments. I will basically just take a regular frame and glue on a triangular top bar... Like the oldfashioned frame discussed below.

I am getting 3 more packages in a few weeks so I will have total of 6 hives, 3 existing top bars and 3 Langstroth. If I make one of the langs foundationless should give me a pretty wide range of things to observe and learn.

I started with the TBH's because I didn't want to buy an extractor and it sounded good. But now I have met some friends who have offered to do some extracting so thought I might check out the "Dark Side"

interested in comments as always...