Nice pictures Scott, nice job working with your son like that!

I like the adjustment end piece on your TBH. I have had some problems as the weather warmed up with expansion of my top bars. I like the idea of a piece at the end that can be adjusted to account for swelling of the top bars. I think I will make one with a slot to permit more movement.

Have you had any problem with that? Maybe Ijust built them too tight.

My TBH hives are still doing well, no cross comb in any of them except the one that they built up around the queen cage. I have that one pretty well straightened out except for the middle 4 bars. They just kept reworking it. So I have decided to just let them alone and then later move those bars to one end, eventually maybe replace them. But lots of brood in them and I don't want to mess up their building up the numbers...

Cheers to all!