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Thread: SBB for TBH's?

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    should I make some SBB for my TBH's? If so, it will reduce the volume and I will have to redo the ends so i can slide it out to check for mite drop. If I do not, then I guess I will not be able monitor for mite drop? I was going to powder sugar them when I get the packages. 2 weeks to delivery...

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    You can buy a sticky board from one of the beekeeping suppliers. You will be able to pull a few bars out and slide it under the brood nest and then reverse to check it later.

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    You should take a look for some photos in
    back isssues of American Bee Journal, looking for articles by Wyatt Mangum or send him an e-mail( about this.

    He has hundreds of TBHs, and I know that
    at least all the hives he is using in
    his ongoing work on varroa are equipped
    with screens and mite-drop traps.


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