The tutors on my bee course very much advocate having an open floor.

I could go for nailing wirecloth to the bottom instead of a board(not sure about the resulting (in)stability tho), but because the hive is so long and on a high stand (50cm), I'm a little worried about this being too drafty.

I saw an interesting way of making a bottom, its built from PVC tubing that is slotted into a bar with holes either end to keep the tubes 3.5 mm apart.

What do you think of that design?

My main worry is that if I have a comb failure with any open bottom, the entire mess will drip onto the floor below the hive and I'll have a robbing problem, and also, is a 3.5mm gap small enough to stop other bees from coming in?


Ps.: Why is it that everytime I think I've finished my hive design and made the xfig picture of it, that something else crops up and I have to change everything?