Whay kind of feeders are you putting in yout TBHs ? I have an entrance feeder I wag going to use when my packages get here that will double nicely as an entrance reducer. But I know there are drawbacks to entrance feeders, especially in weak colonies. I was thinking of making a top bar with a board to split the hive, and put an entrance on it the same size as the entrance to the entrance feeder.That way the feeder would be in the hive body, but behind the last top bar, so that I could change the feed as often as necessary until they are doing well with minimal disturbance. Once they colony has drawn some comb and is doing well I could then remove it, put some extra bars in let them fill the hive with pretty comb and honey. Any suggestions? Easier Ideas? My hives have 16 inch top bars (18 inches total) and one holds 24 bars, and the other more than that. How much area (#of bars) would you leave in front of the feeder for a 3 pound package.