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>Michael Palmer, and anyone else that makes their own foundation or starter strips,
Have you made whole-sheet foundation (without embossing) and had it work smoothly? (drawn-out pretty clean). I guess this was done in the early days of "foundation production". Does anyone have advice on how it worked?

I haven't tried a full sheet of it, but have tried wider starter strips. From my experience, one concern I would have is the bees will start working the sheet and may not get it attched well enough to the top bar. I would be tempted to do BOTH the angled top bar and the full sheet of blank starter. That way the bees will be more likely to build some attachement comb at the top. They sometimes start a little ways down the sheet. I would also probably wax it into the groove well to help with attachment.

>I am trying to decide between using the Un-founation method, like Michael use; and providing just a thin foundation with wiring hoping for straighter and stronger comb.

I'd love to hear how the full blank sheets work. I will be trying some in frames this spring (if I get it done). But was trying to keep the TBH simple.

It would be lovely to get some wires into the comb in the TBH. Do you have a wiring pattern in mind? I would be tempted to do a "W" to follow the natural shape of the comb.