Would it be feasable to propose a contest where the beekeepers here create the perfect TBH?
I know we have the know-how with all of us in here.
Here's what I propose:
Any person or persons who can develop or design the perfect TBH would be recognized here in this forum and their plans would be placed on the site for all of us to benefit.

The perfect TBH is defined (for the purpose of this proposed contest) as:

1. any hive that uses top-bars in the Kenyan TBH fashion.
2. is very lightweight yet extremely durable
3. is the least expensive to build
4. is designed with the most ease of use by the beekeeper
5. is demonstrated to be the most efficent and utilitarian to meet the bees' needs
6. is the least complicated to produce

Anybody who would like to amend or add to this suggestion is welcome as it is merely a rough proposal.

ANY THOUGHTS on how we could reward the winner would be much appreciated as well. It seems that some are more responsive when it comes to monetary rewards!

Of course the contest would take time (at least a year)so as to prove the qualifications 1-6, but it would give us time to consider how to show appreciation to the designer of the best TBH.

Please add any thoughts to this.
Is this even a consideration?