>I have a few photos of my first TBH located on my yahoo profile: //profiles.yahoo.com/txbeeguy

I looked at it. It's interesting. You have a very narrow bottom. I don't think I've seen one that narrow.

>I used scrap wood so the cost was "free". The cover will be one of those plastic ridged panels (like you see as skylights in some barns or metal shop buildings.

I wonder how the bees will respond to all the light? Maybe your bars are solid without notches? Then they wouldn't get much, but it will still incite them to do more of sealing the cracks between the bars when they see light.

>The angled sides are 22 deg off the verticle and the top bars are 19" long (so they will fit in a lang box if needed). It will hold 30 top bars and the 'follower board' in a snug fit (but I still will use the plastic cover for additional protection against the rain and sun).

All of the early top bar hives I built I went about 22 degrees also. I've given up an decided to just go with perpendicular sides. I haven't had them long enough to know what I think. Partly I wanted interchanability between Langs and the top bars. I agree with making it the same width for that reason.

Be sure you let us know what you love and hate about it after you get to use it.