2007-01-24 20:02:53 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: Hello Everyone
2007-01-24 20:04:19 [Message] Bizzybee -> The Swarm: hi all
2007-01-24 20:04:47 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: Jennifer is here does anyone have anyquestions for her
2007-01-24 20:05:37 [Message] The Swarm: Hello
2007-01-24 20:05:48 [Message] The Swarm: What is the extent of Keiths small cell researdh?
2007-01-24 20:06:19 [Message] The Swarm: how is the study on the vsh progressing?
2007-01-24 20:06:39 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: sc what is vsh?
2007-01-24 20:07:00 [Message] The Swarm: In the selection process for resistant stock have you noticed any desirable characteristics which are unfortunately lost through culling.
2007-01-24 20:07:02 [Message] The Swarm: Jennifer, Tell us about your queen rearing research interests.
2007-01-24 20:08:27 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: The small cell study is currently being conducted by myself and Bill Owens. The colonies have been in the field since last fall. We have collected our first round of data but at this point there really isn't anything to report. I imagine we will have some information soon. [img]smile.gif[/img]
2007-01-24 20:09:49 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Culling what?
2007-01-24 20:10:30 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Sorry, first time in a chat room. Mag_Ohio culling what?
2007-01-24 20:10:33 [Message] The Swarm: (vsh) used to be referred to as SMR billy bob.
2007-01-24 20:10:47 [Message] The Swarm: Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH)
2007-01-24 20:11:26 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: VSH is part of our queen breeding program.
2007-01-24 20:11:40 [Message] The Swarm: I'm curious, how are you approaching the issue of regression?
2007-01-24 20:11:40 [Message] The Swarm: yes how's study Jennifer
2007-01-24 20:11:42 [Message] The Swarm: Please describe the "small cell study"
2007-01-24 20:11:43 [Message] The Swarm: any hopeful signs?
2007-01-24 20:12:28 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: AT this point we are entering our 5th generation and are seeing results. Hygienic behavior, brood production are on the rise.
2007-01-24 20:15:22 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: drobbins- Good question. This is the hard part for any breeder program.
2007-01-24 20:16:22 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: We have not reached that point as of yet, but it's inevitable.
2007-01-24 20:16:59 [Message] The Swarm: Along regression lines, what was the source of your small cell comb? Natural built, wax foundation, etc
2007-01-24 20:17:19 [Message] The Swarm: On the SC study..... What was your regression technique?
2007-01-24 20:17:20 [Message] The Swarm: What stock of bees are in the small cell test?
2007-01-24 20:17:56 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Our small cell comb was small cell foundation from Brushy Mtn (dadant)
2007-01-24 20:18:46 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Our regression technique was we started with bees reared in small cell therefore already regressed.
2007-01-24 20:19:23 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Italian bees
2007-01-24 20:19:45 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Sorry, bullseye bill, they were Italian
2007-01-24 20:20:03 [Message] The Swarm: Deep brood boxes or mediums and also top or bottom entrances
2007-01-24 20:20:42 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: powernapper. We are using deeps only at this point.
2007-01-24 20:20:53 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: and bottom entrances
2007-01-24 20:21:00 [Message] The Swarm: What was your source for SC bees?
2007-01-24 20:21:12 [Message] The Swarm: Screened bottom boards
2007-01-24 20:21:33 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Sundance...Italians donated by bill owens
2007-01-24 20:21:50 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: pn...solid bottom boards
2007-01-24 20:22:24 [Message] The Swarm: Have you considered the fully drawn SC plastic? Honey Super Cell
2007-01-24 20:22:39 [Message] The Swarm: anything being done to combat small hive beetle
2007-01-24 20:22:41 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: sd...no
2007-01-24 20:23:01 [Message] The Swarm: any ferals left in sc and ga?
2007-01-24 20:23:20 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: SC...Yes tons of ferals
2007-01-24 20:23:57 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: dallas....there are some studies looking at chemical controls other than cuomaphos but not our lab. We just finished a threshold study but the data is not complete finished.
2007-01-24 20:24:08 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Dang I hate this keyboard
2007-01-24 20:24:37 [Message] The Swarm: what treatments have been used on the hives
2007-01-24 20:24:48 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: pn....none (no treatments)
2007-01-24 20:24:53 [Message] The Swarm: Could you give more details about your statement "Hygienic behaviour, brood production are on the rise"?
2007-01-24 20:25:00 [Message] The Swarm: You're doing just great.
2007-01-24 20:25:14 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: thanks!
2007-01-24 20:25:25 [Message] The Swarm: [img]smile.gif[/img]
2007-01-24 20:25:54 [Message] The Swarm: Did Bill Owens have prior experience with small cell?
2007-01-24 20:26:19 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: Billy Bob = Bill Owens ......Yes
2007-01-24 20:26:37 [Message] The Swarm: lol
2007-01-24 20:26:59 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Ok, this may take some time. What we are selecting for is resistance to varroa, ie hygienic beh. brood production, gentleness, brood spottiness, and honey production. The greatest increases have come with hy. beh and brood prod. Starting with 60% hy. beh
2007-01-24 20:27:12 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: and now we are seeing 90% and better.
2007-01-24 20:28:13 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Brood production started off average and now we are seeing wall to wall solid brood.
2007-01-24 20:28:45 [Message] The Swarm: [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
2007-01-24 20:29:19 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Brood spottiness has leveled off but with the increases in hyg. beh. this may decrease. Honey production has also increased but makes sense since we have more bees and healthier ones at that.
2007-01-24 20:29:57 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Sorry, i meant to say spottiness will increase with increased hyg. beh.
2007-01-24 20:30:24 [Message] The Swarm: do you see a relation between aggression & hygiene behavior?
2007-01-24 20:30:43 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq...no because we are also selecting for gentleness.
2007-01-24 20:30:53 [Message] The Swarm: Sorry for the confusion, but is the SC study stand alone or are you doing the selective breeding from the same SC stock?
2007-01-24 20:31:15 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: sundance..no they are completly two different studies.
2007-01-24 20:31:48 [Message] The Swarm: Are you using II (AI) or open mating?
2007-01-24 20:32:07 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: no pcme..we are open mating with drone saturation.
2007-01-24 20:32:09 [Message] The Swarm: That amount of brood isn't typical even for Georgia in January is it??
2007-01-24 20:32:47 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: drobbins...we aren't collecting data and won't until April.
2007-01-24 20:33:05 [Message] The Swarm: Do you feel the Russians have earned their "Stripes" as claimed by some russian advocates?
2007-01-24 20:33:33 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq....you do love a controversy don't you?
2007-01-24 20:34:06 [Message] The Swarm: lol
2007-01-24 20:34:16 [Message] The Swarm: its ok you dont have to answer
2007-01-24 20:34:39 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: nope she says she's going to answer
2007-01-24 20:34:40 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq.. hold on I'm answering, just takes me a minute on this dang keyboard.
2007-01-24 20:34:41 [Message] The Swarm: lol
2007-01-24 20:34:50 [Message] The Swarm: Thanks for the clarification. I hope in the future you consider using the SC bees for selective breeding. I would be very interesting to couple the hypothetical SC resistance with hygienic behaviors
2007-01-24 20:36:26 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: we don't have pure Russians in our breeding project. We started with queens from all over the country, including Russians. i do know that some people aware by them, but I have no personal experience. If I did and they rocked, I would stand behind them.
2007-01-24 20:36:51 [Message] The Swarm: How many colonies are now in the breeder program?
2007-01-24 20:37:34 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: At this point we have 81 that have survived the winter, but we will be adding to that this spring with the daughters from the breeding stock.
2007-01-24 20:37:43 [Message] The Swarm: Are you using pins or liquid nitrogen for your tests of hygienic behavior?
2007-01-24 20:38:05 [Message] The Swarm: The African Honey bees seems to have an aggressive behavior towards the varroa mite called a "Biting Behavior". Also this was reported by Friedrich Rutner of some Carnie stocks in Austria. The bees reportedly attack the varroa and is evidenced by
2007-01-24 20:38:09 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: nopcme. we use liquid nitrogen.
2007-01-24 20:39:21 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq...Interesting. but is there a question?
2007-01-24 20:39:37 [Message] The Swarm: You started with 50 nucs, right?
2007-01-24 20:39:43 [Message] The Swarm: how many hives did not make it
2007-01-24 20:40:48 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Yul and pn....yes, we started with 50, then we added another 50. So out of the 100 we lost 19. None of the colonies were or have been treated.
2007-01-24 20:41:13 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: nematode study?
2007-01-24 20:42:47 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Jamie our post doc looked at that. They found that nematodes do in fact kill developing shb larvae. They looked at this in the field, and the lab under various conditions and they continued to work. They are to be used as an outside soil treatment.
2007-01-24 20:43:02 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: At this point we don't know how long they will survive in the soil.
2007-01-24 20:43:23 [Message] The Swarm: I'm confused, didn't the program start in 2002?
2007-01-24 20:43:44 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: yule...yes, so why are you confused?
2007-01-24 20:44:41 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: We are having technical difficulties.
2007-01-24 20:44:45 [Message] The Swarm: Of the losses, were they attributed to varroa infestation, queen problems or both?
2007-01-24 20:45:49 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: bizzy...good question. we lost them primarily due to queen issues.
2007-01-24 20:46:05 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Let me clarify the breeding program.
2007-01-24 20:46:36 [Message] The Swarm: thanks but that one was from diamond
2007-01-24 20:47:00 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: We started with 50 colonies. Each year we select the top 10%.
2007-01-24 20:47:48 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Then we re-queen each colony with daughters that have been grafted from the top.
2007-01-24 20:49:08 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: They are evaluated, hyg beh-liquid nitro test for 24 hours, total brood area, brood spottiness, scored for defensiveness and increase honey production.
2007-01-24 20:49:34 [Message] The Swarm: The African Honey bees seems to have an aggressive behavior towards the varroa mite called a "Biting Behavior". Also this was reported by Friedrich Rutner of some Carnie stocks in Austria. The bees reportedly attack the varroa and is evidenced by
2007-01-24 20:49:46 [Message] The Swarm: damaged or missing body parts of the varroa. Are you aware of anyone looking at this trait?
2007-01-24 20:50:44 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: No I am not, however, I've seen damaged varroa when counting sticky screens here at the lab and from other beekeepers colonies.
2007-01-24 20:51:37 [Message] The Swarm: Because you only have 81 hives after 5 yrs after starting with 50 nucs
2007-01-24 20:52:09 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Yule...did what I said before clarify your question? I can see why it was confusing.
2007-01-24 20:52:20 [Message] The Swarm: Are you checking or tracking varroa loads?
2007-01-24 20:52:56 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Yes, we use sticky screens and alcohol washes to track mite loads.
2007-01-24 20:53:28 [Message] The Swarm: we have no questions
2007-01-24 20:53:41 [Message] The Swarm: Jennifer is just getting warmed up
2007-01-24 20:53:47 [Message] The Swarm: What do you see as the major hurdle on the horizon for beekeepers and the honey bee?
2007-01-24 20:53:52 [Message] The Swarm: What month of the year do you re-queen
2007-01-24 20:54:05 [Message] The Swarm: yes thx
2007-01-24 20:55:47 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Mag it Depends...but the lab requeens in May and Aug/Sept.
2007-01-24 20:57:54 [Message] The Swarm: Jennifer, I'd just like to say thanks for taking this on tonight, I've enjoyed it. It's our first moderated chat. I'm sure it won't be the last.
2007-01-24 20:58:44 [Message] The Swarm: we still have a few more questions left....This will not end right at 9:00
2007-01-24 20:58:44 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq.... this "dwindling disease" has us all a bit concerned. However, misuse of chemicals, I believe is a major problem. There are new mites on the horizon, cape bees, AHBs, loss of habitat, global warming....
2007-01-24 20:59:31 [Message] The Swarm: yes Jennifer come back soon or come to the regular room and join us U can use an assumed name [img]smile.gif[/img]
2007-01-24 20:59:41 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Thanks
2007-01-24 20:59:46 [Message] The Swarm: what kind of loads of varoa do you have
2007-01-24 21:00:20 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: we are well below threshold for our area...
2007-01-24 21:00:26 [Message] The Swarm: And I assume higher loads don't make the cut and are requeened?
2007-01-24 21:00:43 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: yes
2007-01-24 21:00:50 [Message] The Swarm: Golly. You paint a gloomy picture. How soon before you start selling VSH queens? [img]smile.gif[/img]
2007-01-24 21:01:16 [Message] The Swarm: As an end result...... Will you be marketing breeder queens?
2007-01-24 21:01:21 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: gsferg.....we will be starting an auction tonight starting at $50000/queen
2007-01-24 21:01:33 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: lol
2007-01-24 21:01:41 [Message] The Swarm: lol lol lol
2007-01-24 21:01:47 [Message] The Swarm: gsfergÂ…<cough>
2007-01-24 21:01:48 [Message] The Swarm: good one
2007-01-24 21:01:59 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: gsferg...for you sir...half off lol
2007-01-24 21:02:08 [Message] The Swarm: sign Bizzy up for 2
2007-01-24 21:03:19 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: gsfrg...yes we will be making the stock available, hopefully this year. I am a bit apprehensive but we need to see how they do in the real world
2007-01-24 21:03:29 [Message] The Swarm: So how do you feel about your bees in the breeding program and them surviving in the future?
2007-01-24 21:03:42 [Message] The Swarm: How long do you foresee the breeding program running?
2007-01-24 21:05:15 [Message] The Swarm: A bargain at any price. I don't suppose your program has a scheduled "end" but where do you think you are in the process, more or less? How far have you come, where are you going?
2007-01-24 21:05:28 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Yule....I love what I am doing and I have excellent bees. But they have only experienced me and this surrounding. To be honest I don't know if they can survive, only time will tell. But I am in this for the long run. I hope till I retire....
2007-01-24 21:05:48 [Message] The Swarm: How many hives do you have per site, or are they all in one apiary
2007-01-24 21:06:38 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: Right now all the breeders are on one site. The past mothers are here one year and then moved away.
2007-01-24 21:06:49 [Message] The Swarm: Have you identified which producers you may distribute the stock to?
2007-01-24 21:07:40 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: No. I would like to see the stock given to beekeepers not just commercial queen rearers.
2007-01-24 21:07:44 [Message] The Swarm: Any way of providing a "rest home" for some of the "old ladies"??
2007-01-24 21:07:44 [Message] The Swarm: Recently alot of southern (Ga) queen rearers have been getting a bad rap from our northern yankee buddies(sic) What are some of the problems they are experiencing?
2007-01-24 21:08:16 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: Please don't send any more questions....
2007-01-24 21:08:21 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: cmq....yes they have and I've heard the tales.
2007-01-24 21:08:31 [Message] The Swarm: Thanks for giving you time Jennifer Hug lol
2007-01-24 21:09:08 [Message] The Swarm: Thanks Jennifer, I've enjoyed it a lot
2007-01-24 21:09:25 [Message] The Swarm: Likewise. Drop in any time.
2007-01-24 21:09:37 [Message] The Swarm: thank you Jennifer
2007-01-24 21:09:45 [Message] Jennifer -> The Swarm: I would rather not elaborate on this, I'll discuss our program but I really don't have the personal experience to comment on others.
2007-01-24 21:10:09 [Join Room] Jennifer -> The Hive
2007-01-24 21:10:28 [Message] Billy Bob -> The Swarm: Jennifer is moving to the HIVE if you would like to join