If you haven't recently noticed the changes in our chat room. We have upgraded our service with the software provider. This has allowed us to make some changes in the look and feel of the chat room. Add some fun things like Avatars, which we are still working on. Hopefully we will get this settled to everyones liking soon.

But, this was secondary to the real reason for the upgrade. We have now setup two rooms with the anticipated addition of guest speakers, which we were not able to have prior to the upgrade. Also, we have the ability of moderated chat in designated rooms.

So in preparation of the upcoming events. We have designated one room, named “The Hive”, as an open chat room that doesn't require a moderator for members to chat freely between themselves. And the topic of discussion is completely open. In other words, nothing has changed from what folks are used to in this room.

The new room, “The Swarm” has been setup as a moderated room. This room has been set up for our guest speakers, and the topic of discussion will be preselected and scheduled for date and time.

With the upgrade our chat room is now limited to 25 people. Until further notice the chat room will be open as a first come first serve basis. If there are too many people in the chat room when the guest arrives, the last member to log in will be kicked out to make room available for our guest and the moderators.

The entire chat session will be recorded and posted here in the chat room forum for those members who are not able to attend.

Our guests will be given as much time as they see necessary to open the session. They will then open the floor for questions and discussion. The guest will be able to speak freely at anytime.

The audience will simply ask a question or make a statement which will be sent to a cue for one of the moderators, which will approve or deny the message. The sender will be notified that they have a pending message and receive a reply when the moderator action is taken. If the message will be lengthy, it's recommended that the message be sent over several sentences (messages). This will hopefully lesson the dead time between exchanges and keep the discussion lively. When completed, simply send a final message, “finished” or “done”.

At that time, the next member will be given the opportunity for exchange. The order of messages will be first come first serve and everyone will be given an opportunity.

We encourage questions and debate and hope as many as will, participate in the discussion. We do also expect members to be courteous and highest respect be given to our guests. They will be there by our request or by their own accord to share their knowledge and experience with all of us. Ridicule, harassment and or off color remarks will not be tolerated or allowed. Disagreement with methods, theories and ideas does not require any harsh exchange. If you so strongly disagree with or know of different ways or means of accomplishing the given subject. By all means, please do, send a request to the moderators after the session. And ask to be a guest yourself in a later session to also present your views of the subject in full.

We are excited about this new addition to our chat room. And we are working hard to bring it all together. It is our intent to make this as enjoyable and informative as we possibly can for all who will participate!

Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all there!!

Billy Bob