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    allen Guest

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    I just registered for beesource forum and please forgive my ignorance on how to communicate but i resently read about the permacomb subject of dipping permacomb in wax. this seems time cousuming but a great idea. i recently had trouble with acceptance of plastiframe from dadant. so i took a sponge paint brush a 4 in. and dipped it in hot melted wax and applied to plastiframe foundation it can be applied lite or heavy depending on how thick you desire by continuing to re-apply. it amazingly goes on even so i thought it might work on permacomb. i presently don't have it yet but i thought it might help some of you. just dip the brush and make an even stroke across the frame. if one of you with permcomb try this please let me know the outcome.


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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Well Allen, thanks for the info. I’ve never used permacomb or the plastic foundation. I’m a wood and wax guy. I am wondering if the sponge/brush would get enough of the wax down into the cells? Or for that matter weather you need to apply wax to the permacomb. Michael Bush uses permacomb and could answer that question better than I can.

    As far as communication most questions are ask in the first two forums (Bee forum and Beekeeping 101). More of the members look/hang out there. Not to say there are any rules as to which forum to make your post, or that people will not read them here. Just pick the forum that you think your topic relates to and post it there. If you are intrested in joining us for a chat come into the chat room between 9 and 10 est tonight.



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