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    I am a new beekeeper started in 2003. In the spring of 2004 had large number of bees in both of my hives. In early May & June one of hives swarmed twice, the other one swarmed three time. Both hives had plenty of supers and space. My question is should I re-queen in the fall or spring to lessen the swarm problem.

    I had a 50 year beekeeper look at the hives and he could not give me reason for the all the swarms. I have good location the bees, space, bees have been treated for mites, and nothing has distrubed hive. I would like any Information that would help me.

    Thanks John H Swearingen

    John H Swearingen

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    BILLY BOB Guest



    It really does seam as if bees will do what they want sometimes, no matter what you do. I like to re-queen in the fall. I live in the northern part of Georgia and although, millions of queens a raised in my state it is difficult to get queens early in the spring because they are not ready when we need them.

    You should have little problems getting queens in the spring. I recomend that you re-queen in the spring. A spring queen will be less likely to swarm than a fall queen will.

    You can use a screen bottom to help ventilate the hive. Another thing, you always hear “Give the bees plenty of room”, will it should say “Give the queen plenty of room”. If the queen starts to run out of places to lay eggs, she will pack up and leave with a swarm.



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