I just found this forum and I'm hopefull someone may be able to assist me.
I own a two story apartment and Bees have found a home in the second story eave.
They have been their for many years perhaps 10 i'm not sure. I have in the past sealed up the openings but the find another way in. Today I wasa called out their because the Bees had started a second entry way on the other side of the building approx. 30 feet away. The new one is relatively small as appearing from the outside, perhaps one foot long and four inches wide. The old one nw appears to growing substantialy it is aout 18inches wide, three feet long and a thickness of about 6-10inches. they appear to waiting their turn to enter a now reduced size opening. obviously i'm not a bee keeper and my knowledge is limited. does any one know how they may be moved abscent the idea of cutting the hole in roof and trying to locate the Queen and remove her. I was told this could be a fivr thousand dollar effort. Any assistance would be appreciated. The building is in Pasadena,Ca. thank you