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    Is there a regular schedule of when users are in the chat room? I was wondering if there is a regular (daily, weekly) listing of when the chat room is active. Also does anybody get on during the day?

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    I try to come the chat rooom every nite arounf 9'30pm but some times just to pppped to type working all day in bees.
    there lot of regulars that come on around 8'00 pm too so just keep on looking in there someone will show up.

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    There isn't a set schedule for the chat room. As you know the chat room is open 24-7.

    You can use this forum here to post when you are going to be on. I like FB check in to the chat room from time to time in the evenings. If no one is there I will log out.

    Post what time you will be on and someone should show up to chat with you.


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    If I am online I am in the chatroom, usually I am alone except during the hours of 8-12 in the evenings. I live in EST time zone.

    BUT I am not online all the time...just select times when life isn't getting in the way. Usually I am on daily, just here and there as moments allow.


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